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Why offer Leasing ?
The Benefits of Leasing with Integrity Leasing
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It is true that sales happen faster when leasing is offered to the customer versus asking the customer for 100% cash as the only option. Imagine a car dealership on the local automile with a huge banner hanging in front that said "Cash Only". How long do you think that dealer would be in business? How often do you think they would sell cars? How would they compete with other local dealers that offer the same products, but also offer a combination of leasing and financing tailored to every buyers needs. Seriously how would those other dealers compete? How would you compete? If you don't offer a leasing and financing option with every proposal aren't you essentially saying "Cash Only"?

Let Integrity Leasing and Financing, Inc. work with you to create and implement a customized leasing and marketing plan for you. Doing business with Integrity will absolutely help you obtain more sales opportunities, decrease sales cycles, increase your profit margins, and perhaps most importantly improve your receivables. Did you know that leasing pays within a day or two after installation versus net 30, 60, 90 days, or whatever it is that you actually experience. Did you also know that one third of all capital equipment purchased last year was financed through leasing. Are one third of your sales financed through leasing?

Dealer/Sales Rep Benefits
Increase Gross Profits and Sales
Increase Dealer’s Cash Flow by Improving Receivables
Shorten Sales Cycle
Integrity offers a total financing solution for all customers needs


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