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Why offer Leasing ?
The Benefits of Leasing with Integrity Leasing
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Integrity Leasing and Financing is a full service leasing and financing company. As a full service lender, we offer leasing and financing on virtually every product and service that you as the dealer may sell, and every other product or service that your customer may be interested in leasing. In other words, working together we can become more valuable to your customer.
The Benefits of Leasing with Integrity Leasing and Financing Inc.
By providing lease pricing you can eliminate some of the downsizing or postponing of a sale and still maintain your profit margin.

Leasing overcomes budget limitations by using lease structures suited for your prospect’s budget/cash flow.

Integrity’s full-service leasing should be used to block out competitors that foolishly do not offer financing with every proposal.
With Integrity’s proven ability to procure financing for virtually all types of credits and all types of collateral, you will be able to present financing alternatives to win the business when your competition cannot.
Benefits of Leasing to your Potential Customers
Leasing gives your customers more buying power
Leasing does not tie-up working capital/Venture Capital
Equipment leasing is widely considered an excellent alternative to paying cash or using bank financing. Leasing is generally regarded as an expansion of a company’s ability to borrow


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