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Integrity Leasing and Financing, Inc.("Integrity") is a leading provider of specialized "point of sale" financing solutions for small and mid-size dealers and manufacturers. Integrity also provides comprehensive leasing and financing solutions for the end-user company (Lessee) throughout the United States.

As a full-service leasing and financing company, we help businesses (both equipment dealers and lessees) succeed thanks to our dynamic approach and our ability to deliver a full spectrum of financial products.

Integrity Leasing and Financing, Inc. (Integrity) is a full service leasing and financing company specializing in the leasing and financing of video teleconferencing equipment, bridges, office furniture, computers, software, IT equipment, routers, telephones, voice mail systems and virtually any other office equipment as well as medical, dental and industrial equipment. Integrity works with Lessees and Dealers on a national basis.

Integrity is a “Multi-Source Lender” with established relationships with several of the country’s leading lenders, lease companies and other funding sources. This diversity in lenders and the resulting ability to procure leasing and financing at the most competitive rates for a wide range of credit profiles (i.e., A credits, B and C credits, newer businesses, etc., versus just “A” quality credits) is one of the many keys to Integrity’s success. This ability to approve a very high percentage of applications is actually one of the most significant ways that Integrity contributes to the success of its’ dealers and lessees.

Integrity Leasing and Financing, Inc. is a Massachusetts Corporation founded in 1998, and headquartered at 80 Langley Road, Newton, Massachusetts 02062.




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