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Partial Lessee List
Academic Employees Insurance Company RI  
Acosta Sales & Marketing FL, NJ - $ 420,000 Allsteel Office Furniture and Dell Computers
Agere Systems PA - $ 650,000 Steelcase Office Furniture and Laboratory Furniture
Arcline Associates IL Haworth Office Furniture, Phone Systems and Computers
Better Business Bureau

MA - $ 25,000

Office Furniture and Phone Systems
Budget Phone TX Telecommunication Equipment
The Bulfinch Companies, Inc. MA - $ 35,000 Knoll Office Furniture
The Burton Group CO - $ 157,000 Haworth Office Furniture
Butler University IN Software
Catholic Health East PA  
Cheers Bar MA - $ 100,000 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment
D.A. Crowley & Associates NH  
Denizen Corporation PA  
De Sapio Management NJ - $ 480,000 Office Furniture and Moveable Walls
Diabetes & Endocrinology RI Phone Systems
Diana DeMontemayor, Inc. TX Haworth Office Furniture, Phone Systems and Computers
Dow Jones (IDD) NY + NJ Knoll Office Furniture and Computers
EAG Electronics PA  
Educational Dev. Center MA - $ 250,000 Knoll Office Furniture
Fairchild Semi-Conductor ME Videoconferencing Equipment
General Dynamics NJ, VA, VT $1,000,000 Haworth Office Furniture - Multiple locations
H. C. Wainwright MA  
Hebert J. Sims CT + FL Office Furniture and Telecommunication Equipment
Highland Capital AL Office Furniture
Intralearn Software MA - $ 110,000  
Jamco International TX Office Furniture
Lynntech Industries TX - $ 100,000 Phone Systems, Computers, Manufacturing Equipment
Media Map MA  
Motley Fool VA - $ 180,000 Haworth Office Furniture, Phone Systems and Computers
Multicutural Aids Coalition MA Computers and Office Furniture
Newport Realty RI Telecommunication Equipment
Northwestern Human Services PA HVAC Equipment and Office Furniture
Owen Sparrow VA  
Pan American Health Org. D.C.  
Paramount Vending FL  
Pharm-Eco MA - $ 250,000 Tayco Office Furniture
Princess House MA - $ 1,000,000 Knoll Office Furniture
Pro-Med CO  
Profit Logic MA  
Psomaq & Associates CA  
Quest Electronics TX  
RDW Group, Inc. RI  
Rich Products NY  
Safety First MA - $ 750,000 Steelcase Office Furniture, Phone Systems, and Computers
Signature Consultants FL - $ 230,000 Knoll Office Furniture, Phone Systems, and Computers
Spaulding & Slye MA  
Sterling Hager MA - $ 650,000 Technion Office Furniture and IT equipment
Tabor Academy MA  
Technical Aid Corporation Nationwide Office Furniture, Phone Systems, and Gateway Computers
Telemundo MA  
THG Enterprises, Inc. CA Videoconferencing Equipment
Tsumani Info UT  
Vater Percussion MA  
Visiting Nurses Association MA Office Furniture and Dell Computers
Wellbridge Center MA  
Work'n Gear MA  




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